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Tails of the Crypt is a gripping arena-based twin-stick shooter where you play as the curious corgi necromancer Sally Sockpaws, whose magical arts suddenly sprouts endless supplies of zombie dogs! As Sally, you've got to fight them off before they break out of the creepy crypt!

Tails of the Crypt features...
- Potentially endless and challenging gameplay.
- Simple, slick and tight controls.
- Charmingly simple low-poly art style.
- Over a dozen different enemies with their own patterns!
- Secret content for exceptional players!

Tails of the Crypt was developed as an assignment for a Games Art and Design course.A game prototype made in Unity, it was created with the intention of simulating a game jam, covering a set of Ludum Dare themes. I chose 'running out of space' and 'the more you have, the worse it gets', which is reflected in the game-play.  

Install instructions

- Download the Zip file for your operating system (Mac or Windows)
- Open the Zip file.
- Enter folder and locate the '.exe' executable. It'll have a dog face thumbnail.
- Open the exe and run it.
- Enjoy!


Tails of the Crypt_PC.zip 45 MB
Tails of the Crypt_Mac.app.zip 43 MB

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